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Things to do

Once people arrive at the lodge, most just want to stay put, relax in our big huge living room, ride bikes, paddle kayaks, play tennis, visit the gym, sit in the hot tub or sauna, enjoy scenic nature strolls, relax in the hammocks, enjoy a reasonably priced ‘adult oriented’ beverage or just eat and do nothing.

We have a collection of road worthy, eight speed, index shifter, bicycles you can use to explore the property or neighbourhood. Pedal to the local pub for a pint. Pass by the park for a peek. Exercise off your breakfast. All we ask is that you’re back in an hour and a half (so others can use them).

Our kayaks are excellent for people who haven’t kayaked much, or at all. They are very stable. You can cruise up and down the shoreline and commune with the waterfowl and maybe see a seal or two. If our 90 minute time limit isn’t long enough, we have friends that rent the real super sea kayaks for those of you who want the full kayaking experience.

The property features an interesting network of trails around our 185 acres. Short walks, long hikes, very easy or a little bit challenging, we have them all. There is also a 375 acre park a short, you guessed it, walk from the lodge. Pick up one of our nature guides ($2.00) to enhance your stroll.

Solar System Model

Guest can walk, run, bike or drive our accurately scaled, six-kilometer model of the Solar System. The Sun is located just behind the Boathouse cabin and planets are located at various locations on the property or in the neighbourhood. Download our guide map here or pick one up at the office. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE MAP

Hot Tub
It is outdoors, has a nice ocean view, change room, indoor and outdoor showers and a cozy little sauna right there.

Tennis Courts
There are two nice courts in the woods. Nothing too fancy or organized, no sign up times, just show up and maybe play doubles if there are a lot of people waiting (doesn’t happen often). Forgot your racket? We can lend you one. One of the courts now features ‘Pickle Ball’ lines and we can lend you the equipment for that, too.

Gym Facility
A modest but well equipped gym is available for people who would like a bit of a workout, or don’t want to miss their run during a storm. It has a stairclimber and elliptical trainer, a couple of recumbent bikes, a spinning bike, universal gym, free weights and assorted exercise balls. Due to it’s proximity to one of our cabins, the hours are fairly limited. It’s open from 10:00 am until 8:00 pm, every day.

Boat Tours
During July and August, on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday mornings, (weather permitting) we take guests out for a tour of the surrounding islands on our 1944, 32-foot ex-navy lifeboat. No extra charge, just sign up and enjoy our “one hour tour”. Check out the seals, other boaters, the local islands and we’ll throw in a little ‘historic tour’ of the property on our way back.

The ‘Lounge’
Is not really a “lounge” as we use word today. (ie overpriced cocktails with funny names) Its really just a big (30’x60′) living room with a great view of the ocean, a giant fireplace and lots of big, stuffy couches and chairs. Classical music or light jazz is featured, never the radio. Choose the beverage of your choice from the office (beer, wine, liquors or a selection of non-alcoholic favorites) and relax and converse with your friends, old or new.

The lodge property is mostly wilderness. Only a portion was logged over 80 years ago and the rest of it is still old-growth forest. Most of the gigantic old fir and cedar trees are there for you to enjoy. We have a network of trails to get you around most of the property. There is over a mile and a half of waterfront, some rocky bluff and some white crushed shell beaches. The point has mostly southern exposure for nice sunny days. Mother Nature is the official landscaper. Almost 70 acres is permanently protected by covenant.

Music & Dancing
A typical Friday evening features the ‘Rupus Jam’ in the downstairs games room. Richard and a few friends may welcome some other local musicians, and any of our guests who would like to join in, to an informal, acoustic style jam session featuring lots of singable songs anywhere from the ‘40’s to the ‘70’s. Bring your instrument!

Most Saturday nights, (exactly about 9:00 ish) a few of the neighbours join Richard in a little dance band. They feature lots of ‘vintage classics’ all the way from the 40’s to the 70’s with the bulk of the music being up-beat, fun dance music from the 50’s and 60’s. One lucky guest will take the ‘Yellow Point Lodge Dance Trophy’ home. If this type of thing isn’t for you, the downstairs room remains quiet, there’s lots of space on the property and we’re done by 11:30 pm, anyways.