Covid 19 Update:

July 21st, 2021, Lodge at limited capacity, U.S. visitors to return August 22nd. 

We have been back open in a limited capacity since June 25th. Restrictions on ‘organized seating’ are still in place but they now allow us to increase our capacity to 65 people. Staffing and accommodation issues dictate that we will be able to welcome that number of guests on July 25th. Since our permitted numbers are only going from 50 to 65, the only additional rooms that we will be able to open are the Rustic Beach Cabins. We anticipate a larger allowable capacity as ‘Step 4‘ of the province’s re-opening plan is enacted, with our numbers increasing again on September 22nd.  Guests will be contacted if their room will be opening, and it will be posted here as well.

There is a time delay between when we are allowed to increase our numbers and when we actually do, because we need to be sure that these changes are actually going to be permitted before we can book the extra people in, and changes have mostly been made by the authorites with very little advance warning. Most people need some notice in order to make plans, and our traditional practice has been to confirm your reservations two weeks ahead of your arrival. So, we make sure that the change is happening, then we start calling guests two weeks ahead in order to confirm.

This makes the situation with our U.S. guests very difficult as the federal government was in the practice of moving the border closure ahead a month at a time, usually on the 21st of any given month. As July 21st drew near, and we hadn’t heard anything, we began booking Canadian guests into the places vacated by our American friends, in order to stay close to our, still quite low, capacity of 50, (now 65) guests.

The announcement that the border would be back open on August 9th came as a surprise, as we had already booked a lot of Canadians who would normally be here but their cabins were closed, for after that date. We had to make a decision and are now calling our U.S. guests and, staying consistent with our ‘two weeks notice’ practice, letting them know that we will be prepared to welcome them on Sunday, August 22nd. 

We realize that it is technically legal for them to be here before then, but we have already confirmed Canadian guests in their spot, due to the information vacuum and need for us to stay as busy as we can until the limits are off. Now we can’t go back and cancel those people, who are also booked to be here during that time, only in different accommodations.

We sincerely apologize to our American guests who were booked to arrive between the legal date of, now August 9th, and our manageable date of August 22nd. We realize that it will be a disappointment for many but with all the different regulations from all the different bodies, the uncertain dates and difficulties caused by operating at half-capacity, we didn’t see any other way to remain viable. It is our sincere hope that after August 22nd, this particular logistical issue will be behind all of us.

Please watch this notice for any changes, as they will appear here before the office knows, so please refrain from calling the office to ask when the cabins will be open, they will not know until it’s posted here. This page is your best source for information. Updates will also appear via our Facebook and Instagram accounts. Please remember that we will have to train a number of new people for the various tasks around here tout de suite and would like to thank every one in advance for their patience, if required.

Due to the facts that some of our staff are younger and not vaccinated yet, we also have some immuno-compromised staff that can’t be vaccinated and some guests that, although immunized, may still be at risk for covid complications, we are still requiring that masks be worn when people are moving around the main lodge or interacting closely with our staff.

2021 version of our ‘Covid Handout Newsletter’ is available at the bottom of the homepage of this website and outlines the changes that have been put in place since our last opening in July, 2020. However, for the first while, guests should probably expect much the same level of precaution and prevention that we had in place during our brief opening last Summer and Fall, except now you can go and get your own ice from the machine and sit six people to a table, with less plexiglas.

We will continue treating reservations held by people that are not able to visit due to restricted numbers the same way that we have been since the first shutdown, over a year ago. If your regular reservation is cancelled because your space in not available, it will be held for 2022 and your deposit will be carried forward.

We will still be contacting everybody scheduled to arrive roughly two weeks ahead of time, for the time being. We are also asking anybody that has already decided that they do not want to travel and will not be coming this season, for whatever reason, to please let us know as soon as they have decided, even if it is a few months in the future. This will make it easier for our office to help other guests who would still like to come. We will re-book you for next year and your deposit will be honoured. I think it goes without saying that if you are unwell or displaying covid-like symptoms, it is best for you to not travel.

We support the stipulation that only people that have been fully vaccinated for two weeks are permitted to cross the border. The current case numbers back up this decision strongly.

Our sincere apologies go out to anyone who had a reservation that was cancelled due to our closure, but it was with your health and safety in mind. We miss seeing everyone and the absolute last thing we ever want to do is tell someone that they can’t come and stay with us.

For the first time in awhile, it appears that the light at the end of the tunnel might not actually be another train coming. The next few weeks will be very important in the race between vaccines and variants so we’d like to ask everyone to do their part for herd immunity by getting their vaccinations. This situation has been difficult for everyone and we’d like our guests and staff alike to please accept our sincere appreciation for your understanding and patience. We can’t say every decision we made was the perfect one, but they were all made with everybody’s best interest in mind. We are really looking forward to seeing everyone, here, soon.