Covid-19 Update:

April 3rd, 2020 – Closure Extended

On March 20th, the day we closed, we took what only could have been our best guess and set April 10th as a tentative date for re-opening. The province of British Columbia then issued orders that no more that five people were permitted to group at any one time, and the following is a recent quote from the Minister of Health for B.C. : “[There is] zero chance  –  none  –  that any of the orders will be varied by the end of April.” 

That means for the month of April, at least, we will sadly be remaining closed.

As we have been doing for everyone booked to stay with us up to now, if you are scheduled to arrive before May 1st, we will be re-booking you for 2021, sending you a confirmation and carrying your deposit forward, just like 2020 didn’t exist, which a lot of people are wishing was true, right now.

However, please check your confirmation carefully when you receive it. The days of the week that you stay here will be the same, but the dates will be different. If this makes sense to you, there is no need to call the office to re-book or confirm for next year. If you confirmation looks good, everything is taken care of.

Please continue to watch this page if you are scheduled to arrive on May 1st. As we all know, things are very unpredictable and while our social distancing practices are showing some good results, this will not be over quickly, and our closure may be extended even further. As inconvenient as it may be, we all must continue to do the right thing so we can all be back here, safe and healthy, as soon as possible.

Guests can also get more informal updates by following ‘Yellow Point Lodge’ on Facebook or Instagram. Thank you for your patience and understanding.