Covid 19 Update:

September 11th, 2021, Vaccination Requirement for ‘non-essential’ services starts Monday, Sept. 13th.

On August 24th the province of B.C. announced that on September 13th, everyone in B.C. will be required to show proof of one vaccination and on October 24th proof of two vaccinations will be required in order to enjoy a number of ‘non essential’ services including: indoor sports, concerts and events, gyms, nightclubs, casinos and movie theatres, etc. etc. We are classified as an ‘indoor seating event’ due to our meal service and would be a ‘restaurant’ otherwise so we are fully included in this mandate.

This means that we will have no choice but to require that guest arriving to check-in must have either the soon-to-be available ‘smartphone’ certificate or one of the alternates provided. The authorities are not allowing exceptions to this rule. Their position is: if you can’t or don’t wish to get immunized, these activities are optional anyway. Essential services do not fall under this order. If we admit guests who don’t have their proof of vaccination, the liability and possible penalties will fall on to us. Since we officially support vaccination as a way out of the pandemic, we will not be making any exceptions either. Please take note of this.

For all the information on obtaining your vaccine passport available at this time, please click on:   

For emphasis: please be aware that starting on Monday, Sept. 13th, all guests must have been verified by us as to having received at least one dose of a covid-19 vaccine. Please have either your ‘digital passport’ (on your phone) or the paper version of this proof with you when you arrive. You may use the card you were given when you got your vaccination for two weeks past that date, (Sept. 27th) as a ‘grace period’. So, please, please make sure that you arrive with either your ‘vaccine passport’ or your vaccination card. We will not be able to check you in without one of these documents. This sounds serious, because the situation is serious. We will be calling everyone scheduled to arrive ahead of time with these instructions so please don’t put us all in a very awkward and unpleasant situation by arriving without one of these documents. We will not be able to make exceptions.

We have been back open in a limited capacity since June 25th. Restrictions on ‘organized seating’ are still in place but they now allow us to increase our capacity to 65 people.  The accommodations we have open now are the Lodge Rooms, private cabins and Rustic beach cabins, with Three Oaks and the Parsonage in partial usage due to our capacity restrictions. The Field Cabins, Barracks and Victoria Cottage remain closed until covid restrictions are lifted further.

We were back open to guests from the U.S. on August 25th. The requirements for crossing the border are quite onerous and anybody who was able to enter Canada will have automatically met the B.C. requirements since proof of double vaccination is a border requirement.

The province also re-instated the ‘mask mandate’ for public spaces, which doesn’t change anything for us as we were still requiring face coverings to be worn when people were moving around the main lodge anyway.  The premier of B.C. also noted that it was very unlikely that the conditions necessary for lifting the remaining restrictions as part of ‘Step 4’ of their re-opening plan would be met and the proposed date of September 7th would not see any easing of restrictions.

Please watch this page for any changes, as they will appear here as soon as they are made. Please refrain from calling the office to ask about any changes in conditions. They will know as soon as it’s posted here, so this page is your best source for information. Updates will also appear via our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

2021 version of our ‘Covid Handout Newsletter’ is available at the bottom of the homepage of this website and outlines the changes that have been put in place since our last opening in July, 2020. Even with some restrictions lifted, guests should probably expect much the same level of precaution and prevention that we had in place during our brief opening last Summer and Fall, except now you can go and get your own ice from the machine and sit six people to a table, with less plexiglas. Things are a bit ‘funner’ here, but still kind of ‘covidy’.

We will continue treating reservations held by people that are not able to visit due to restricted numbers the same way that we have been since the first shutdown, over a year ago. If your regular reservation is cancelled because your space in not available, it will be held for 2022 and your deposit will be carried forward.

We will still be contacting everybody scheduled to arrive roughly two weeks ahead of time, for the time being, and reinforcing the vaccination requirement. We are also asking anybody that has already decided that they do not want to travel and will not be coming this season, for whatever reason, to please let us know as soon as they have decided, even if it is a few months in the future. This will make it easier for our office to help other guests who would still like to come. We will re-book you for next year and your deposit will be honoured. I think it goes without saying that if you are unwell or displaying covid-like symptoms, it is best for you to not travel.

We realize that the new regulations will force us to behave in a more official and less forgiving manner, we will be responsible for enforcing the vaccine requirement and will have to follow through. We can only hope that before people get here, they’ve been exposed to the new rules several times and arrive prepared. We don’t want to turn anyone away for something like this.

Our sincere apologies go out to anyone who had a reservation that was cancelled due to our closed periods, but it was with your health and safety in mind.

For a little while there, it appeared that the light at the end of the tunnel might not actually be another train coming, but here we are going backward again.  The next few weeks will be very important in the race between vaccines and variants so we’d like to ask everyone to do their part for herd immunity by getting their vaccinations. This situation has been difficult for everyone and we’d like our guests and staff alike to please accept our sincere appreciation for your understanding and patience. We can’t say every decision we made was the perfect one, but they were all made with everybody’s best interest in mind. We are really looking forward to seeing everyone, here, soon.