Covid 19 Update:

July 23rd, 2020

Up and Running; some things changed, some things not.

After being open since July 3rd, we have settled into a new rhythm of operation here and things are moving along smoothly and well. Yes, there are some changes, but nothing that people haven’t been exposed to already in other business’s that serve the public with any kind of food or hospitality offering. “Fewer faces, bigger spaces” as our Dr. Henry has coined.

In previous notices, we have gone into detail about what to expect when you arrive here, but since all this, and more, is available at other places on this website, I’d ask interested parties to go to the bottom of this page for our entire, comprehensive, 11 page ‘Covid Plan’ that was submitted to, and approved by, Worksafe BC.  Lighter reading can be found in the form of our ‘guest handout’ that people receive when they check in, available at the bottom of our home page, on this site as well.  Yes, there have been a lot of changes, but the last few weeks have proved once again that human beings are very adaptable.

Having said that, many things remain the same. Our meals are still home cooked and as locally sourced as possible, served in the dining room or the lounge. Our bikes and kayaks are still popular with people that want to explore the surroundings and the property and shore line are as lovely as ever for people who like to walk. The tennis and pickle ball courts are seeing regular use with the warm weather and the patio is a great place to meet with people, outside and at a respectable distance. Coffee and tea, with muffins and goodies are available at their usual times and all your favorite adult oriented beverages are still waiting for you at the office.

Anyone with an upcoming booking can expect a phone call around two weeks prior to their booking date. We will either be letting you know that we won’t be able to accommodate you this year, because of where you were booked or where you reside, to let you know that we have a spot for you due to a vacancy, or just to confirm your regular booking. Please be prepared to answer a few ‘Covid related’ questions, and we will fill you in with some other points to be aware of (like ‘please bring your own pillow’) at that time.

Again, an appreciative tip of the hat to our wonderful staff who have gone above and beyond to make your experience as safe and enjoyable as possible, and a big thank you to the guests who have been very patient and understanding as we adjust to this new, albeit probably temporary world.

Some of you are checking this page to get the hard facts, and some things are important to make very clear, so here they are:

  • We are only able to welcome residents of British Columbia
  • Our rustic accommodations are not available due to the ’50 Person Event’ limit. 
  • Any openings will be offered to our ‘rustic cabin’ guests who are not permitted to come, first. This will make Summer availability very scarce, sorry. 
  • Arriving guests absolutely must check in with the office upon arrival, and not proceed directly to their room or cabin.
  • Check-in time is 4:00 PM and Check-out is 11:00 AM, in order to provide for adequate, safe housekeeping. 
  • Guests are asked not to arrive early, we must stay below our maximum numbers. 4:00 arrival, everyone, please. 
  • Our shuttle bus service will not be available during the early stage of re-opening. 
  • We will be contacting you two weeks prior to your arrival to confirm it. We will ask some ‘covid’ related questions and you will need to confirm your contact information and number of guests in your party.
  • It is very important that the number of guests that you confirm does not change without us knowing first. 

Thank you for checking in, we hope to be able to welcome you here, soon.