Covid 19 Update:

November 2nd, 2021, removal of dining room limits allows higher capacity

As the number of vaccinated people increases, the province has seen fit to reduce restrictions on dining rooms and gatherings, for people who can show proof of full immunization. However, this comes along just in time for our rustic cabins to be closing for the season and the number of people we can physically accommodate is now only slightly larger than the previous limit on gathering sizes allowed.

So, we are allowed to have more people here just in time for us not to have room for any more people.

However, this will allow us to proceed back to what would be considered ‘normal’ at a gradual and measured pace that seems to suit our guests and staff during these uncertain times.  In the next few weeks, we will be re-opening Victoria Cabin and will be allowed to operate at our normal, Winter capacity of roughly 70 guests. We will be returning some furniture to the lounge but will be keeping most of the small dining tables in the lounge for the time being. In early March, when the Rustic Beach and Field cabins open up, we will be increasing the seating in the dining room and putting more ‘lounging’ furniture back in the lounge, which will reduce the dining tables in that room somewhat.

We will be replacing the desk, by the windows in the lounge, with another game table that will allow four more people to dine in there, if they prefer, along with the six seats already available. The acoustic treatment planned for the dining room will be put back on the schedule for when the capacity increases and we are endeavoring to find out when we can return to things like self-serve coffee, tea and cookies but won’t be rushing back to buffet meal service anytime soon.

We could possible do things faster, but timing the changes with the natural increase in capacity that comes with Spring seems to accomplish the same goals while preserving the sense of conservativism and caution that has caused many guests to mention that they feel safe here and appreciate the consideration.

Please watch this page for any changes, as they will appear here as soon as they are made.  Guests with reservations in Victoria Cabin will be contacted regarding theirs stays. Our target date for opening this cabin is November 21st. Please note the work ‘target’. Updates will also appear via our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

2021 version of our ‘Covid Handout Newsletter’ is available at the bottom of the homepage of this website and outlines the changes that have been put in place since our last opening in July, 2020. Even with some restrictions lifted, guests should probably expect much the same level of precaution and prevention that we had in place during our brief opening last Summer and Fall, except now you can go and get your own ice from the machine and sit six or more people to a table, with less plexiglas. Things are a bit ‘funner’ here, but still kind of ‘covidy’.

At the moment, the mask requirement for people not seated in the main lounge remains, and by law in B.C., all guests must show valid proof of vaccination before we are allowed to check them in.

If, over the last year,  your regular reservation was cancelled because your space wasn’t available, it was held for 2022 and your deposit was carried forward. However, after the end of November, this situation will not arise again since Victoria cabin will be open and the Rustic accommodations would have been closed anyway.

People who don’t wish to visit this year because they are still nervous about travelling will still have their reservations carried forward to the following year, for the time being. However, as things hopefully return to normal we will be announcing the return to our previous policy of allowing the guests who are actually staying with us to re-book the room and a ‘cancellation’ will return to being a true cancellation. We will give lots of notice before returning to this policy.

We will still be contacting everybody scheduled to arrive roughly two weeks ahead of time and reminding them of the vaccination, mask and protocol requirements. We are also asking anybody that has already decided that they do not want to travel and will not be coming this season, for whatever reason, to please let us know as soon as they have decided, even if it is a few months in the future. This will make it easier for our office to help other guests who would still like to come. We will re-book you for next year and your deposit will be honoured. I think it goes without saying that if you are unwell or displaying covid-like symptoms, it is best for you to not travel.

We realize that all these regulations have forced us to behave in a more official and less forgiving manner. We are responsible for enforcing the vaccine requirement and will have to follow through. We can only hope that before people get here, they’ve been exposed to the new rules several times and arrive prepared. We don’t want to turn anyone away for something like this.

Our sincere apologies go out to anyone who had a reservation that was cancelled due to our closed periods, but it was with your health and safety in mind.

This situation has gone on longer than we all expected and been difficult for everyone. We’d like our guests and staff alike to please accept our sincere appreciation for your understanding and patience. We can’t say every decision we made was the perfect one, but they were all made with everybody’s best interest in mind.

We are really looking forward to seeing everyone here, back in their old spots, soon!