Covid 19 Update:

April 9th, 2021; Lodge closure extended until further notice. 

After the Province of B.C. issued travel advisories in November, we closed voluntarily in the interest of safety and a desire to be making a contribution to the elimination of the covid-19 virus. Case numbers did not show improvement and an order was issued in March 2021. This order still stands and includes the following statement under the heading ‘Travel Advisory‘:

“At this time, all non-essential travel should be avoided. This includes travel into and out of B.C. and between regions of the province. For example:

  • Do not travel for a vacation
  • Do not travel to visit friends or family outside of your household or core bubble.”

That effectively makes it impossible for us to be open and follow the order at the same time. The subsequent ‘circuit breaker’ shutdown, enacted in early April due to increased cases of the variant strains, further restricted travel and public activity.

It has been our practice until now to issue a proposed ‘re-opening’ date, usually a couple of weeks ahead of the current date. However, after five months of moving and re-booking people’s reservations every two weeks to no avail, we have decided to remain closed ‘until further notice’. This will be when we have more certainty about a date that we can actually re-open, rather than repeatedly moving people ahead by two weeks, and then calling them back and doing it again.

We will continue treating upcoming reservations the same way that we have been since the first shutdown, over a year ago. If your regular reservation is cancelled because we are not open, your space will be held for the following year and your deposit will be carried forward. If you are one of our guests who was booked in this year for ‘one year only‘ because you were in somebody’s place who chose not to travel, your deposit will be refunded.

We will still be contacting everybody scheduled to arrive roughly two weeks ahead of time.   We are also asking anybody that has already decided that they do not want to travel and will not be coming this season, to please let us know as soon as they have decided, even if it is a few months in the future. This will make it easier for our office to help other guests who would still like to come. We will re-book you for next year and your deposit will be honoured.

We will be asking guests to keep their eye on the government announcements and any changes in the regulations regarding traveling or gathering, and when they see a change, or just for fun, to go and check this page on our website or call the office. As soon as we can see a realistic opening date that looks like something we can stick to, it will be posted here and on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

We believe that the current vaccination program will have positive results in the coming weeks and months and that we will be back in operation, starting with limited numbers and then fully, in the near future. We feel that the ‘return to normal’ will be fairly swift, once vaccination numbers are up and infection numbers are down. We also believe that ‘for every drop of rain that falls, a flower grows.’ 

Our sincere apologies go out to anyone who had a reservation that was cancelled due to our closure, but it was with your health and safety in mind.

The lodge may be physically made of logs but it is really built of the people who support us, either by coming and staying, or working to ensure that our guests experience the best hospitality they can. This pandemic has been tough on everyone we are hopeful that many of you are looking forward to a nice relaxing getaway here, when it is safely possible. Our gratitude goes out to you all.