Covid 19 Update: June 29th, 2022

Lodge to remain ‘one step back’ from fully normal operation, for now.


As we eased off on our covid restrictions through May and June,  there were a number of guests who had either been here and tested positive for covid, returned home and tested positive, left because they ‘didn’t feel well’ or cancelled their reservations because they had contracted covid before their arrival.

In the absence of daily information from health authorities, it is difficult to see if this is a growing trend across the province, so we can only react to our situation at hand. With restrictions and mandates eased, many people are adopting a much more casual attitude towards the virus and the number of cases we are seeing has increased since the new freedoms were granted.

Therefore, as usual, we are going to take a relatively cautious approach to the situation and as cancellations and early departures bring our guest numbers down a bit, we are going to maintain that lower level in order to reduce the concentration of people in the common areas for the next few weeks, after taking this approach through June, which brought things back under control.

Due to the uncertain circumstances, we have taken an additional step back and are currently requiring people to wear masks while moving around the lodge. When we were only ‘requesting’ masks, many guests would freely mingle around the public areas unmasked and during this current period of increased risk of exposure we feel that the extra precaution is warranted. The crowded situations brought on by our libations service and Saturday dance are also on hold for the time being.

This will also reduce the risk to our staff. Many of you are aware that it has been difficult to find people in the service industry lately, and we really can’t afford to have any of them off sick, since a covid diagnosis means an automatic five-day absence. During meal service our staff people are exposed to every single guest and the risk of infection is much higher. Please read the ‘Covid Info’ page and/or the more casual newsletter at the bottom of the home screen on this website and accept our thanks for your understanding and cooperation. We want to stay open for you, but we can’t without our staff people.

For your safety, the office will also be informed by the other departments of anyone who appears to be unwell or showing covid like symptoms. In serious cases, these sick guests should be prepared for the very real possibility of being asked to return home in order to recover. We simply can’t be responsible for allowing transmissible people to risk exposing all our other, sometimes vulnerable guests and staff to their illness.

The ‘vacancy page’ on our website has been put ‘on hold’ for the next few weeks. This will change as the season progresses and all the reservations from the past couple of years get straightened out. Please call the office at (250) 245 – 7422, between 8:00 AM and 10:30 PM, seven days a week, with your reservation requests. Please note that our cancellation policy has returned to ‘normal’ and that guests who are staying here get the first chance to re-book their accommodation, if they choose.

The staff shortage has impacted our ability to operate the shuttle van, but we hope to have that resolved by late Summer. The drivers must have a special license and we simply don’t have enough people available to offer the service, and look after everything else, quite yet.

We have almost made it back to normal with the help, cooperation and understanding of everyone and know we don’t have a crystal ball or perfect judgement. Please bear with us as we try to strike a balance between putting covid behind us and keeping ahead of any threats or bumps along the road back.