Covid-19 Update:

Updated June 3rd, 2020

Waiting for Word on How ‘Phase 2’ is Going, and When ‘Phase 3’ May Begin:

Friday, June 5th will bring an important announcement from Dr. Bonnie Henry and Minster Adrian Dix, both key people in our Provincial Health Authority.  ‘Phase 2’ of B.C.’s re-opening plan has been in effect for two weeks now, and they will be letting us know how the numbers and infection rates have responded to the loosening of some restrictions.

These results are key for them in deciding when and how to introduce ‘Phase 3’ which includes ‘Hotels and Resorts’ and therefor, us. After the announcement, if a date is set, we will have to wait a little longer for Worksafe B.C. and our local health authorities to establish operational guidelines. We will then be able to determine how we will be able to operate, and have some more definite news for you. June 19th remains our target date, at this point.

However, due to the fact that many of our guests fall into what is known as a ‘high risk’ group for infections, we will have to start our re-opening very slowly and carefully. This situation has forced us to make a number of tough decisions and is not over yet. We feel that the best approach is to start off very conservatively, see how the staff and guests are responding and adapting to the situation and then progress to a more relaxed mode of operation over time, with knowledge gathered from our first few steps. We need to control the number of variables at the beginning, learn how to look after guests safely, and move from there.

So, sadly, due to the infection rates we have been seeing and the fact that even if the borders are opened back up travelers will still have to ‘self quarantine’ for two weeks prior to exposing themselves to the public, our first period of re-opening will only be available to residents of British Columbia.  Our sincere apologies go out to all our dear guests from out of the region or the country, but adding the variable of ‘travelers’ into a fairly concentrated mix of ‘high-risk’ people sharing public spaces with food service, is an extra risk that we don’t feel is wise to take during our first few, tentative ‘baby steps’ of trying to re-open. .

I hope our out of province and country guests can understand our position. If we do the ‘re-opening’ correctly, we can progress back to a situation where everyone is welcome again, but if we do it wrong, it will push our eventual opening date much further into the future, where it might not even be possible. I’m sorry for this decision but really feel that it is the most prudent first step. Lot’s of people have already lost a year here, since March 20th, when we closed.

Please keep checking this page for the latest updates, and there will be one shortly after Friday’s press conference. In the meantime….

  • We will definitely not be opening before June 19th, and that date may be extended. 
  • This date is a target, not certain and dependent on transmission rates experienced in ‘Phase 2’. 
  • If a partial opening is allowed, the more rustic accommodation may not be included.
  • The early stage of our re-opening will initially be restricted to residents of British Columbia. 
  • Everyone is being re-booked for 2021 and their deposits are being carried forward.
  • Watch this page for any and all changes to our situation.
  • We really miss everyone, our staff included, but will re-open with a ‘safety first’ approach.