Covid 19 Update:

March 23rd, 2022: Returning to ‘normal’, slowly and steadily.

The covid rules are being relaxed across the Province. This removes capacity limits from us and we are able to fully re-open. Due to the higher average age of our guests, and the greater risk of complications associated with that, as well as the wishes of our staff, we will be relaxing our covid restrictions at a measured pace, slightly behind the schedule permitted by the authorities.

We have to weigh all the factors to be considered and decide on a path to follow that best reflects the emphasis we have placed on safety throughout the pandemic and stay consistent with it. There will be arguments in favor of both more and fewer restrictions. The province has granted business’s the right to set the policies that work best for them, and these are ours.

Guests and staff will still be requested to wear a mask while moving around the main lodge until April 8th. They will be optional after that date.

We will be continuing to ask people arriving to show their proof of vaccination until May 8th. 

Already in place: 

  • The dining room is putting out the ‘cold breakfast’ items, pre-served, on a buffet table in the lounge, tables can be set for eight or ten people, with placemats and condiments. Cutlery is handed out when people arrive.
  • Books and magazines are permitted back in the public areas. Housekeeping is slowly returning books, puzzles and games to the shelves.
  • The Rustic Beach and Field Cabins have opened up. The maximum number of guests we can welcome now is approximately 90.
  • The Hot Tub and Gym have been re-opened.
  • If a guest cancels a stay, it is now an actual cancellation. Cancelled bookings are not automatically moved forward to the next year and our ‘pre-covid’ office and cancellation policies are back in place.

May 8th:

  • The very rustic Barracks open, (up to 20 additional people, max guests approx. 110)
  • Friday’s ‘packed lunches’ will go back to regular lunch service. Sundays will remain as a packed lunch for the Summer.
  • The increased number of guests will probably coincide with a return to buffet service for lunch and dinner.
  • An announcement regarding the Shuttle Service will be made as soon as our “Class 4′ driver scheduling and licensing issues have been resolved.

2021 version of our ‘Covid Handout Newsletter’ is available at the bottom of the homepage of this website and outlines the changes that have been put in place since our last opening in July, 2020, it will be updated in mid-March, as our situation changes, and a new newsletter is available on this site (and physically, at the lodge!) now. Even with some restrictions lifted, guests should probably expect a slightly higher level of precaution and prevention here than they may experience at other business’s.  Things are a bit ‘funner’ here, but still kind of ‘covidy’ due to an admitted overabundance of caution.

This situation has gone on longer than we all expected and been difficult for everyone. We’d like our guests and staff alike to please accept our sincere appreciation for your understanding and patience. We can’t say every decision we make is the perfect one, but they are all made with everybody’s best interest in mind. At the moment, we remain hopeful that the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t another train coming and that our approach to ‘re-normalizing’ will be seen as appropriate.

We are really looking forward to seeing everyone here, back in their old spots, at a ‘lower face reveal party’,  soon!