Covid 19 Update:

 January 5th, 2021; Lodge closure extended to February 5th.


The travel and gathering restrictions that were expanded on November 19th make it impossible for us to stay open and maintain any kind of interest in the safety of our guests and staff, or contribute to the effort to stop the spread of Covid-19. The recent infection numbers have not decreased significantly since that date, with the holiday season probably being a large factor. On January 4th, B.C.’s public health officer implored residents to continue with the socializing restrictions. Therefore we have decided to extend our closure until Friday, February 5th, until, yet again, further notice.

While we haven’t actually been ordered to close, we feel that it is not responsible to our guests or staff to encourage people not to follow the advice of the health authorities.  We extend our sincere apologies to everyone who was planning to come and support us in the upcoming weeks.

We are basically in the business of getting ‘at risk’ people to travel unnecessarily and gather together and the Provincial and Federal governments have made it very clear that all of this must be severely curtailed in the coming weeks in order to reverse the infection trend which, at the moment, can easily be defined as ‘staying pretty bad‘.

We will continue with the the same method of operating that we followed when we were closed last Spring for the first lockdown. If your regular reservation is cancelled because we are not open, your space will be held for next year and your deposit will be carried forward. If you are one of our guests who was booked in this year for ‘one year only‘ because you were in somebody’s place who chose not to travel, your deposit will be refunded.

We will be contacting everybody scheduled to arrive roughly two weeks ahead of time.   We are also asking anybody that has already decided that they do not want to travel and will not be coming this season, to please let us know as soon as they have decided, even if it is a few months in the future. This will make it easier for our office to help other guests who would still like to come. We will re-book you for next year and your deposit will be honoured.

We are asking anyone that may be interested in visiting us in the future to please check the ‘vacancy’ page on this website to find out what we may have available, before calling the office.

So, watch the news and keep an eye on our posts. We are looking forward to being back open again as soon as we possibly can, while respecting everyone’s well-being. It should be noted that more than one vaccine is in wide distribution and this should be reason for hope.

While this situation is unpleasant for everyone, we wish to express our appreciation to both our staff and guests, who have been very patient and understanding through all the changes. We would not be here without both of these groups and are very grateful for how they have made a bad situation as good as it could possibly be. Working together, we will get through this and appreciate the little things that we used to take for granted, all that much more.