Although we update this page regularly, please be aware that the vacancy advertised may already have been taken by someone else by the time you call us. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

Yellow Point Lodge Accommodations, Rooms, Cancellations & Availability

I’m afraid that we don’t have anything available, aside from the odd single night opening, for the remainder of February, but that could change.   

The only vacancies in March right now are a few nights in the rustic Field Cabins, (after they open on the 11th)and two ocean view rooms in the Main Lodge for the 2nd & 3rd. One is re-bookable and the other is only available for this year.

Stay tuned for opportunities in April as we go over the big board and take care of any upgrades or extra days requested. All we have right now are two Rustic Field Cabins, one for the 2nd 3rd, and the other from the 15th to the 17th.

January 2019 can offer some space in the Main Lodge, if you really like to plan ahead.

Please remember that if you’re passing through the area or just want a quick getaway, to give us a call, we don’t post all the ‘single night’ vacancies here, so if you’d only like one night, please call anytime. There are frequently some options.

Another good suggestion, any time of year is to give us a call two weeks ahead of the date you’d like, in case anyone has cancelled within that time frame in order to get their deposit refunded. It also can’t hurt to call the office at anytime, (ie: even right now), in case something has just opened up, and not made it to this list yet.

Photos and descriptions of all of our accommodations are available on the ‘Cabins and Rooms’ section of this site. Please check the back page of our newsletter, News From the Lodge (also available; keep scrolling down) for more general information regarding reservations and bookings.