Although we update this page regularly, please be aware that the vacancy advertised may already have been taken by someone else by the time you call us. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

Yellow Point Lodge Accommodations, Rooms, Cancellations & Availability

Cabins and Ocean Views available, due to ongoing pandemic related cancellations.  

Due to the on-going covid situation, most of the vacancies posted will be on a ‘one year only’ basis. We have a lot of guests who have taken the option not to travel during the pandemic and have had their reservation held over to the following year. When making a reservation, please confirm with our desk as to whether your stay is ‘re-bookable’ or not.

At the moment we can offer the following getaways in November.  There is some space for larger groups, or individuals, after the 28th in the newly re-opened, Victoria Cabin. On the 28th there is a small selection of ‘forest view’ rooms in the Main Lodge with some longer stays, one up to a week, available.  Also on the 28th we have two White Beach cabins for three nights.

There are a few availabilities in  December. We have a forest view room in the Main Lodge on the 1st for two nights. The somewhat rustic Boathouse is available for three nights, and the upstairs Attic Room is available for four nights on the 5th.  The private, cliff side DeCourcey Cabin is available for two nights on the 6th and is available again on the 21st, for three nights, along with White Beach #3 that is open until the 23rd.  If you’re okay with a three night minimum, there is a small selection of rooms and cabins available between the 27th and the 30th. attic 5-9 

There are also a few ‘single night’ stays available that we don’t usually list here, so please give our office a call at (250) 245 – 7422, for all the availability if you’d like a shorter stay.

More detail is provided on the ‘Covid 19’ page on this website,  just down the  home page from this one. It will be updated regularly, with any developments. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused by this extended and problematic situation.

Photos and descriptions of all of our accommodations are available on the ‘Cabins and Rooms’ section of this site, as well.