Although we update this page regularly, please be aware that the vacancy advertised may already have been taken by someone else by the time you call us. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

Yellow Point Lodge Accommodations, Rooms, Cancellations & Availability

Very Likely Re-Opening: Friday, June 25th. 

The Province of B.C. announced a phased ‘re-opening’ plan on May 25th. We appear to be in ‘Step 2’ which means we are planning to re-open on Friday, June 25th. The plan is dependent on certain criteria being met, however, so if there are increased cases and hospitalizations, this could change.

We will be asking guests to keep their eye on the government announcements for any changes in the regulations regarding traveling or gathering, as well as checking our website, Facebook and Instagram postings.

We are hopeful that this plan will unfold as presented and are asking people who are interested in visiting us later in the (hopefully better) year to call our office at (250) 245 – 7422, and an actual, living person will let you know what we may have available, right then. There is still some uncertainty as to when people from outside of B.C. or Canada will be able to travel, so there may be ‘one year only’ vacancies available, but the situation is too uncertain to post anything here, at this time.

More detail is provided on the ‘Covid 19’ page on this website,  just down the  home page from this one. It will be updated regularly, with any developments.

Photos and descriptions of all of our accommodations are available on the ‘Cabins and Rooms’ section of this site, as well.