Although we update this page regularly, please be aware that the vacancy advertised may already have been taken by someone else by the time you call us. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

Yellow Point Lodge Accommodations, Rooms, Cancellations & Availability

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, absolutely every room is vacant now, but we can’t rent any of them out. Most of you will know that we have decided to close our doors until May 1st, at the earliest. This date is also subject to revision, depending on the provincial orders in place at the time.

For more information regarding our response to the outbreak, please see the notice that is available via the ‘Covid-19’ button on the home page of this website. It is updated regularly and will let you know when you can look back here for some fun vacation opportunities.

Photos and descriptions of all of our accommodations are available on the ‘Cabins and Rooms’ section of this site, as well. Please check the back page of our newsletter, News From the Lodge¬†(also available on the home page of this site; keep scrolling down) for more general information regarding reservations and bookings.